Farewell from Marymount 2017!

Today marks the last day of Marymount 2017! Our final students are departing home.

We have students that arrive from all over the world, with many different languages. Their willingness to learn and understand English brings us all together and allows us here at Marymount to have fun, learn and develop their English even more and form strong, everlasting friendships.

Highlights of week 5 have included many activities and trips to Chessington World of Adventures and the London Wetlands Centre. We have been made friends with room mates in the dorms, played sport, made art, performed dance and drama, learnt drumming, written songs, baked cakes, done excellent work in English workshops plus many more things!

It has been an enriching experience for the staff getting to know our students over the 5 weeks and we thank every single one of you for your commitment to learn and join in!

Thank you and goodbye from Marymount 2017!

Photos from the trip to the London Wetlands Centre.

And photos from Winter Olympics!

Niall, Max and Mr Huggy
Yesterday we had a birthday!

Some students won the purple wristband!

Thank you to our student hosts!

A big thank you to Jeremy and Prem

Saying goodbye to our students