The final week of activities and clubs at Marymount!

The final week at Marymount has not slowed down, it has been very busy with every minute of the day filled with learning and fun!

We welcomed new non-residential students on Monday morning then got straight into a few activities and then off to English classes.

On Monday for activities the students were spoilt with the choices of playing badminton, football or tennis. There was also a film critique activity and an art activity on how to make dream catchers.

Dream Catchers

For this weeks Clubs, the residential students could choose between gymnastics, paper cut-out animation, dodgeball or futsal - a game similar to football but with a very small ball.

Paper Cut-Out Animation

On Monday evening we were treated to being taught Samba dancing and also how to drum on many different drums that were brought into the school. Students learnt how to create and hold a rhythm as a group.

And a bit of Samba dancing:

Then the final group performance:

Tuesday's activities were uni-hoc, yoga, making friendship bracelets, playing rounders or making musical instruments from recycled objects.

Making Musical Instruments

There was also more horse riding, where some students go off the the stables.

All of the students had a lot of fun and it was a great few first days of the week!

The Activity Leaders planned an extra special evening activity on Tuesday. Something new and exciting. They created "Escape Rooms!"

This is where the students in their colour groups had to go into a room for 5 minutes and solve a task in that time. They had to work as a team and try to figure out the answers from a limited amount of clues around each room. There were tasks with letters and numbers, or obstacles in the way. Some were blindfolded and others were about working out riddles.

Congratulations to the Blue Group for winning the Escape Room evening!

Finally at the end of a busy day we all sit down for our Evening Meeting and drink some hot chocolate before bed!

Evening Meeting